In the south-east of Zimbabwe, amongst a granite landscape as old as ancient man, history pervades the stones themselves. San (Bushman) paintings decorate the rocky overhangs; faded glimpses into a world far distant from our own. More recent in time, although still remote from written history, stone towers and walled enclosures bear mute witness to a medieval African kingdom which reached heights of empire and civilization that Europeans had long dismissed as impossible. Great Zimbabwe is the largest extant historic relic in Southern Africa and as such is another of Zimbabwe’s World Heritage sites and one of its biggest tourist attractions.

At a low altitude only one step removed from the lowveld, summer in the Masvingo region is hot and dusty. Nearby Lake Mutirikwe National Park provides some cool relief and in this game reserve, the large lumbering white rhino are best viewed from horseback. If you prefer to commune with nature and soak up some atmosphere in splendid isolation, Mushandike Sanctuary offers back to nature camping opportunities far from the madding crowd. - Günstiger Surfen

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